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You've been riding high on cloud nine for quite a while, and deservedly so. But you will have to come back down to earth very soon -- so get prepared for a big dose of reality today. It will come in the form of shocking news or an update about a friend's relationship. If you can try and stay grounded in your everyday life, you can balance the good days and the bad days and not be affected by the roller coaster ride that life can take you on from time to time. Keep your feet on the ground.

If you focus too hard on your problems, you could be missing out on seeing the solutions. If you can see things from another perspective, you will see things you never noticed before -- and gain a positive outlook. Adjust your focus so that you are giving equal time to putting out fires and to nurturing a relationship. Keep a dinner date even though you might have to come in early tomorrow ... or make sure you're home in time for dinner instead of pushing through until you get things done.

Your sixth sense is thriving today and you will be able to begin reading signals and seeing the undercurrents of what's really going on with the people around you. By following your gut and taking a few calculated risks, you could easily gain new insight on what is motivating a new person in your life. And if possible, apply this intuitive ability to your career -- because right now there are some puzzles in this realm that could affect your financial health.

Today's surprising events might catch you a bit off guard, but there's a strong sense of balance around you right now, and it will help steady you during any trying times. You are definitely going to be able to handle this day with grace, so have no fear! In one of your friendships, the small efforts you've been making have been noticed. They are slowly starting to realize how important you are to their happiness -- they'll let you know about this revelation today.

It is never too late to make a good impression on someone whose opinion you value. Do not give up if the last few times you encountered this person you were not exactly having a shining moment. No one is perfect all of the time -- not even you! Today, when you get some face time with them, don't put a lot of pressure on yourself to blow their socks off. Just be yourself. Engage them in some friendly conversation, listen attentively, and they'll be impressed.

Things are slowing down a bit in your life, and you are going to have some time to play with later today. This is a great time to double check your resources ... make time today to balance your checkbook, check out the status of your retirement account (or start your retirement account!), and investigate that bank that you've been thinking of switching to. Maintaining your money takes effort, but obviously it is effort that always pays off -- literally.

An idea you used to think of as a radical notion will be proven to be the right strategy today -- and you might be served up a piece of humble pie for doubting it. The good news is, you're self-esteem is riding high and you won't let yourself get too depressed about the situation. Mistakes happen, and assumptions are made from time to time -- there's no harm in that. Take this as the universe's suggestion that you open your mind and give things a chance before you turn them down.

Opposing ideas are often the ones you should pay attention to the most -- they enlighten you on the other side of the argument, and show you the weaknesses in your own philosophies that you should shore up. No one is perfect, and no one is right about everything all the time -- even you. Keep that in mind today when you are forced to negotiate a few awkward pitfalls between some fighting coworkers or friends. Encourage them to see things from their adversaries point of view.

You are smarter than a lot of people around you right now, but not everyone around you needs to be aware of that fact! Right now, you should keep your cards close to your chest. It can be extremely useful to hold back any evidence of your intellect, to basically play dumb and let everyone around you underestimate your skills. Then, when the time is right, you can come out and save the day with your brilliance. The drama of such a strategy cannot be over valued.

Good news -- you will finally be getting all the recognition you have been working so hard for today! It's taken awhile, mostly because not everyone has been watching your progress as closely as they should have been. Don't hold it against them -- you are not (surprise surprise) the center of their universe. Friends are likely to be a little bit jealous of all the attention you're getting, but when they see how happy it makes you, they'll forget all about their envy.

If you need to avoid a conflict right now, then you need to try a different tactic. What you're doing is not working -- trying to keep your head down just isn't going to enable you to escape the fray, at least not this time. Remove yourself from the situation completely, before it gets too out of hand or too emotional. There is someone fun and new on the scene who could use some time with you. Focus on creating positive experiences with people and leave the combative people alone.

Big changes are happening all around you, and you should jump in! This fluctuation of energy in the environment is going to give you a happy charge, and empower you to make certain changes in your own life. There's a new boldness in you, and it's claiming more control lately -- go with it! You have more power than you realize -- and maybe even more power than you're comfortable with. Get used to being in charge, because there is a born leader deep inside of you.
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