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Someone's opportunistic tendencies are sometimes helpful for you, and sometimes a hindrance. Be careful not to always be standing behind them, ready to grab on to their coattails. If you get too out of practice when it comes to making your own opportunities, you won't be able to be as independent as you might need to be in the near future. Step away from the big personalities today -- go your own way and try to open a few doors yourself. It will be tough, but rewarding.

This is it -- the chance you have been waiting for! Don't you recognize it? What -- you don't? Okay, then in order to see what you need to see you have to open your eyes. This means breaking out of your current routine and looking at life through fresh eyes. Turn your world upside down by imagining what your life would be like if you were born a hundred years ago -- or a hundred years from now! Suddenly, you will understand the opportunity that is right in your midst.

Finding a balance between what you want to do and what you can afford to do will not be very hard at all, starting today. You will either be released from an unwanted and expensive commitment, or you are going to discover a new way to adjust your lifestyle. It's all about taking advantage of opportunity when it arrives and being flexible enough to make the most of things. Understand that a small adjustment now will yield satisfying and enriching benefits for years to come.

The advice you dole out today will have more impact than you intend it to have. Unfortunately, there is a strong tendency for words to be misinterpreted today -- so be gentle. People who ask your opinion could get defensive: If you tell them to 'chill out', they may hear 'don't be pompous.' You cannot be responsible for the way other people react, but you can make an effort to play it safe. Avoid any of the usual hotheads if you can.

The biggest problem with power struggles isn't that you might lose your grip -- the biggest problem is that while you're busy fighting for all the control you want, you are losing focus on the most important things around you. Personal relationships should be your top priority, and that may mean forgoing the big ego battles in order to ensure harmony and security. There's no point in being in control of everything when there's no one else there.

There is one simple rule in life that never, ever changes: Hard work pays off. Sure, it might not always seem like it -- especially when you notice some undeserving people getting something for nothing today. But even if you don't get an immediate pay off for all the hours you have been putting in, you will get something more valuable in the long run -- whether it's an increased sense of accomplishment, or an understanding of how to do things better next time.

Juxtapositions will grab your attention and start you thinking today. Pay attention to unusual combinations, unexpected directions and any odd behavior that you run across. Point these aberrations out to the people you are with. Together, you can appreciate the remarkable situation. Besides being great conversation-starters, these strange occurrences will show you what an innovative, interesting place the world is. Look for new ideas to swarm into your soon-to-be-blooming love life, too!

Just like at any busy intersection, many various paths in your life are joining together today. Initially, it might feel like way too many things are coming to a head at once. But don't worry -- and whatever you do, do not panic! This is nothing major, so do not let it ruffle your feathers. Imagine you are approaching that intersection in a car, and treat this day with caution. Take things slowly, and look for the signs that will tell you what to do and where to go.

As usual today, your ability to roll with the punches is going to save you a lot of grief. Adaptation is your saving grace. While others run around like chickens with their heads cut off, you will be able to stay cool, calm and collected. You know how to let go of worrying about what other people think about you, let go of expectations you have put upon yourself, and most importantly -- you know how to let go of trying to keep everything the way it has always been.

Interesting and positive energy will be circling all around you today, and these good vibes will put you in a good frame of mind to deal with some surprising news from a friend. If your reaction is negative, resist the urge to sound the alarm right away. Respect the choices they are making, and wait a while to see how things proceed before voicing your concerns. You run the risk of coming off as judgmental, or as someone who thinks they know better than everyone else.

If you need to say something to someone that you fear might generate a negative reaction, your best bet is to just hurry up and get it over with! Skip the subliminal stuff -- hinting around about what your true meaning might be won't do you any good, and it could send the message that you are up to something. Come right out with what you have to say. Be clear, honest and tactful. Your forthrightness will earn you respect and honesty in turn.

Are you being watched? If you feel like you are under an evaluation by a coworker, boss or even a potential sweetie today, why not turn the tables? Do your own evaluation on whoever you feel is evaluating you. It's time to forget what other people think about what you do, and focus more on what you think about them. This is not about judging people -- it's about trying to discern which relationships in your life need to grow, and which relationships need to shrink, or even end.
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